A great way to improve security of outdoor equipment

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  • 2 Years ago
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A concrete garage can be the ideal home for your outdoor equipment, providing you with the added security and weather tight properties needed to keep your products secure.

Storing your outside furniture away in the winter can be a problematic experience, with leaks in garages or sheds causing crises for their use in future years, including mould and or rusted chair or table legs. Yet even with that in mind, most families across the UK store their outdoor furniture in a shed or at the back of the garage when they are not using them in the summer months.

Sheds and flat roof brick garages can be a good option, but although these options appear very secure, they are often not as high in security as people assume. A concrete garage however can provide you with the level of security you requiring, guaranteeing the safety of your glass patio table and chairs.

Dencroft Garage specialists are the UK’s high-quality professionals in concrete garages, with their own unique interlocking panel system proving a superior level of security and strength than their counterparts. The design has been crafted so that there are no weak points within the garage and they are a great prevention against thieves or vandalism, making them perfect to house larger items or items that carry higher retail price figures.

Concrete garages are the most secure available on the market. As a product, concrete is very difficult to break through, and many items thieves may look to use would just be blunted or have no effect, leading to failure of getting in. Concrete garages have also been proven by police to deter the thief before they even attempt a break in, as they know they have little chance of obtaining any items from within the garage. Because of these elements, items that are stored inside, such as your garden furniture will be very hard to access.

Their choice of concrete garages can also include bespoke manufacturing as well as featuring apex roofs and lean to roofs which could be ideal if your garden furniture is rather large or needs additional height. Outdoor equipment usually costs a large amount of money and can be quite bulky making storage an issue. These additional options could make your storage much easier and provide even more additional space.

Concrete garages also cost less than what many homeowners may assume. Although the build price may be higher, they can be installed extremely quickly due to the panel structure, whereas a brick garage will take longer. Combining the strength properties of concrete with a secure multi-locking system on your door will also make entry by unauthorised personnel extremely difficult.

As well as being a hospitable environment in regards to safety, concrete garages are also superb when coping with the elements. They do not swell after increase rains or bow in the heat and their chemical properties mean that water just drains off the surface. This will thus make sure your products remain dry and are not mouldy the next time you wish to use them.

So when considering your new garage, concrete may be the way to go. Its extra benefits could well provide you with added security properties, adding prolonged existence to your garage and your belongings. For more information, contact Dencroft Garages on 0800 1182547 to discuss your specific requirements.

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