Basement Repair and Remodeling

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Basement remodeling can be a fantastic enhancement to your residence. You finally have a place for everything. You can have an adult area and a kids area and a place for that pool table or tennis table. But, if you haven’t effectively waterproofed your basement, you could be tossing thousands of dollars down the drain?

Consider the items below to determine if your basement should be waterproofed. Improving the downstairs living area needs a plan for comfort, design and practical workmanship. Consider these factors while looking at some of these tasks. Most basements have the house plumbing. Because of this, many basements have moisture that can encourage mildew.

Before Basement Remodeling – Things to Consider

Does your basement feel damp? If so, you may want to use this space for storage rather than remodeling the basement.

Have you noticed abnormal water seepage on any walls or partitions?

Do you have peeling paint on basement walls?

Have you noticed mold or mildew increasing in your basement?

Do you smell a musty or moldy aroma in your basement?

Does your basement have cracks in the walls?

Is your basement flooring developing cracks or pulling up from the concrete foundation?

Have you seen corrosion on piping, furnaces or other metals in the basement?

Do you have efflorescence which is whitened or a dark powdery substances left behind by water stains?

Basement remodeling ideas are fantastic, but if you’ve seen one or more of the telltale symptoms listed above, you need to contact in an expert waterproofing builder right away! The waterproofing consultant will inspect your basement. Find out, not just where the water is coming in, but also a way to stop it.

Many homeowners should hold off on redecorating, because it could be ruined. Trading thousands of dollars to remodel a downstairs room is a fantastic idea, until the water and moisture show up again. Nothing’s more unpleasant than looking at sagging, soaking-wet drywall and hoping you can waterproof it again.

In short, before you decide to shell out lots of money directly on a redesign project, you need the reassurance that your efforts will not be in vain. Without proper sealing, your current basement remodeling plan could take months instead of weeks. Make the right choice and check it out and have a professional help you with this evaluation.

Extra Family Space

Basement remodeling is a great way for your house to look better, get that extra room or rooms you need and have a more livable home. Basement remodeling may be just what you need or a frustration you don’t need. No matter how much basement remodeling you do, that dark and dingy area could be the best living space in your home.

You and your family could get a lot of pleasure from this extra space. Your remodeled basement could let your family unwind. Your kids could finally have a bedroom of their own. Your kids could have a play area on rainy days. That space could be a family theater room complete with a popcorn machine. You could finally have your sewing room or a place for your potter’s wheel complete with plumbing.

Resale Value

When you plan on selling your house, the basement remodeling can turn out to be added appeal to your home. A purchaser who recognizes the value of a basement remodeling project will have an incentive in acquiring your home. The restoration of your downstairs will improve your living space and perhaps making it the most comfortable place in your home. Remodeling can get you an improved price for your property.

Become a Landlord

If most of your family has gone to college or to start their own lives, basement remodeling can provide extra income. Re-doing the basement into separate living quarters will appeal for many eager single men or women renters or even small-sized families.

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