Common Tools Used to Pick Locks

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You are locked out of your home; it is getting late and you feel stranded. We have all experienced this ugly situation at one time or the other. Fortunately, you can solve this debacle when you are armed with the right information. There are many tools you can use to pick a lock. In this article, you will learn about common ones among these lock-picking tools.

Even if you are not an industrial spy or a burglar, you can still acquire this skill for manipulating locks as you can find it useful when you find yourself in an unexpected scenario like the one explained above. The tools that are needed for picking a lock depend on the lock type you want to pick.

Generally speaking, all that is necessary for picking a lock are a tension wrench and some picks — these are long, thin pieces of metal that have curved ends with various shapes suitable for different kinds of locks. You can also make use of paperclips in the form of picks in a pinch; a tension wrench is any tool that is useful for creating tension such as a flat-head screwdriver. Explained below are some common lock-picking tools:


2 types of rake are the most common; The first type, a Bogota, is the perfect lock-picking tool for a beginner. The standard use of the rake involves quickly moving it in and out of the keyhole. You should ensure that when you want to get a rake for European locks, it should not be too thin owing to the fact that they are used roughly. A rake that is too thin will easily break.

The second type is known as the L rake. Also termed the City rake, this type has the shape of a saw blade that resembles the silhouette of a city. This saw blade-like shape allows it perform a rocking motion both up and down inside the key-way as this rake is utilized in simulating the biting on the edge of the key.

Pin and Tumbler

The pin-and-tumbler represents one commonest and easiest to use lock-picking tools. It is a kind of cylinder lock which is mostly employed in deadbolts. To make use of this tool to pick a lock, insert the tension wrench into the keyhole, and then turn it as though it were a key. Lift the pins singly with the aid of a pick, while applying pressure. After these, you should feel/hear a click every time a pin falls into position.


Although this extremely dynamic tool has many other uses, it is an essential tool for single pin picking. Depending on the hook size and shape as well as size of your key-way, you can derive many uses with a specific hook. A hook can be put in a keyhole in an upside down manner — in such a way that its peak is now the trough — and rocked as though it was the City rake.

In conclusion, there are several other common tools for picking locks such as half diamond, tension wrench, case, etc. Your pick thickness will determine how many uses it has. With European locks, thinner picks are always the best.

So what is next now that you have unlocked the door? In many cases the customer will opt to change locks rather than to pay for the locksmith to make keys because of the expense of making a key without a blank.

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