Improving the Security of Your Front Door

  • by Pris Biby
  • 8 Months ago
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When you think about your home security it might seem too obvious an entry point for burglars to try and enter your home through the front door, but without a high level of security at your front door it can become the easiest and fastest way to gain entry into your property, and to make a quick exit. Ensuring that your front door and all accessories and front door furniture are effective in terms of security will help you to add another layer of security to your home, and in the process add a greater level of peace of mind.

When you are considering upgrading your front door security there first piece of action that you can take is to upgrade the locks on the door. This provides a solid foundation for your front door security and if chosen correctly ensures that it will be very difficult for a burglar to gain entry to your property this way. Choose a lock that is of the highest quality. As the focal point and foundation of your home security a strong lock will go a long way to enforcing strong security measures. Burglars will have knowledge and experience in breaking standard front door key locks, so be sure that your keys and lock are robust.

Another aspect of your front door security that could be upgraded is to have a second screen behind the first door. This could be in the form of an actual security screen, a metal barrier that can be lowered overnight or when you are out for the day, or in the form of a second door. Whichever you choose, another door or screen makes it much more difficult for a burglar to enter your home, as there are now two things to break through.

What about the front door itself? There is a difference between an interior and exterior door and how they are designed and manufactured. An exterior door, which would be used for a front door, should not have a hollow core. A solid core enables your front door to remain sturdy and resistant to a breach. Upgrading your front door to become more solid and add a greater level of resistance to a potential break-in is a quick and easy way to upgrade your home security system.

As far as choosing the right letterbox is concerned, it should never be a purely aesthetic decision. In some cases, burglars will attempt to gain entry to a property by hooking at a door handle through a letterbox. It is a simple way for an entry to be forced so it makes perfect sense to upgrade your letterbox to something that looks fancy, but that also allows for limited access via that route for a potential burglar.

One other way to improve the security of your front door is to install a video doorbell. A video doorbell is a fantastic way to keep an eye on who is approaching your house. It can also be used when you are in a different location, meaning that you have eyes on your property when at work or abroad on holiday, all through a simple app on your smartphone.

Front door security is an important aspect of a home security system. Ensure you are fully upgraded and improve on your security each year to ward off burglars.

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