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  • Some prevailing misconceptions about close protection

Some prevailing misconceptions about close protection

  • by Pris Biby
  • 9 Months ago
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Close protection is still considered a niche service. For that matter, many misconceptions have taken roots regarding this intriguing job description. These misconceptions sometimes also force many parties to not avail this security feature even if they genuinely need it. So, this blog will try to dispel all the brewing myths regarding the job in order to address the misconceptions once and for all.

Close protection is a celebrity thing

Many quarters believe that close protection is a part of celebrities’ larger-than-life persona, but that’s not true. One doesn’t have to be a rock star or on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame to become eligible for close protection. Businessmen, c-suite employees, and local politicians might also need that security detail. Celebrities require close protection and not because of their stereotypical vanity, but to protect themselves from hysterical fans and their unintentional physical assaults.

Only oversized bodyguards can provide close protection

No, this is not true. Close protection doesn’t mean one must have an entourage of 7-feet tall security personnel with ripped bodies. Physical fitness is an essential requirement for the individual assigned to provide close protection but that doesn’t mean he must fulfill the unrealistic aforementioned description. Besides, mental attentiveness has more weight when it comes to devising a close protection protocol.

Close protection personnel become buddies with their principals

It’s another myth majorly peddled by film and TV. Close protection personnel assigned by any professional security company strictly know their professional limits and they don’t try to get over-friendly with their principals. For example Westminster Security is a security company that we personally used for an event and their bodyguards are serious and unobtrusive which is how they should be.

However, that doesn’t mean they are a bunch of emotionless humanoids. Close protection bodyguards know how to remain responsive and forthcoming without breaching their professional conduct. Nevertheless, a certain level of acquaintance is required for building a trusted relationship with the principal.

Close protection personnel live glamorous lives

There areoccasions when close protection personnel have to travel, stay at luxury accommodations and eat expensive meals. But all of that very much depends on the type of principal they are serving. So, it would be wrong to label the job as glamorous. In most of the cases, it becomes pretty much demanding. Tasks of devising routes and writing daily reports certainly don’t have any tinge of glamour and extravaganza in them.

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