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The Importance of Fire Doors in Schools and Educational Establishments

  • by Pris Biby
  • 11 Months ago
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Fire safety is an emotive issue, especially when it relates to schools and other educational establishments. The importance of fully working, high quality fire doors in schools relates to a number of different issues. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of them, and why you should ensure that the fire doors you have installed at your school adhere to strict fire safety regulations.

A fire can start for many reasons, from accidents to deliberate acts of arson. If a fire does break out in a school, it is important that the risks are minimised and that the fire, heat and smoke is not allowed to spread quickly and easily to other parts of the school.

Fire Resistance in Schools

Fire regulations and building regulations relating to schools and other educational establishments will consider several different issues, including the providing of clear access that allows fast and effective exit routes from a building in the event of a fire. It will also include the specific weight and specifications of the fire doors installed, and glazing options that take into account vision and levels of light that are required in schools. A good fire resistance policy will also include a well planned and thought out fire evacuation policy, regular fire drills, fire exits and internal fire doors.

Finger Safe Doors

Children find ways to injure themselves accidentally, and a regular occurrence in schools is kids getting hurt by trapping their fingers in doors. It can cause crushing of the fingers and surgery in the worst cases, but with a finger safe fire door you can help prevent these types of accidents taking place. This involves fire doors utilising a specific pivot that removes the gap at the point of the hinge when a fire door is being opened and closed.

Security Issues

The design and implementation of fire doors has to have a perfect balance in terms of safety and security. They must first off be designed to protect from the spread of fire, heat and smoke if a fire does break out. They must also be fitted with push bars where applicable to allow for the safe evacuation of children and staff when an emergency situation is taking place. The balance comes with the security of the building and assets located there. The doors must be sturdy enough to prevent intruders from gaining entry in order to steal. Exit doors on the perimeter of a building can be alarmed and self-closing, with windows fitted with locks.

Noise Issues

A school is incredibly noisy at all times, especially in Primary school education. With many different types of study taking place at one time, and the need for concentration and application, a fire door must be designed to keep noise out. Acoustic doors can be purchased with different frequencies blocked out depending on your requirements, whilst maintaining fire safety standards.

Fire Safety in schools and higher educational establishments is vital at all times. As you can see there are several considerations to have in your mind when implementing fire doors and a fire safety plan for your educational establishment.

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